Research & Consultancy Reports

Evaluation of South West Durham Care Management Project (University of Durham 1991).

Joint Working in Health and Social Services in Durham (National Health Service Training Agency/University of Durham 1993).

Developing a Commissioning Role in Social Care in Sunderland (University of Durham, 1994).

Joint Commissioning of Health and Social Services in Sunderland (University of Durham, 1995).

Analysis of Regional Developments in Joint Commissioning: Stage 1. ( University of Durham) 1995).

Analysis of Regional Development in Joint Commissioning: Stage 2. (Nuffield Institute for Health (1995).

The Inter-Agency Collaboration research project, funded by the Department of Health, has resulted in eight discrete reports, all published internally and in conjunction with other members of the research team - Brian Hardy, Melanie Henwood and Gerald Wistow. The reports are:-

Analysis of a Sample of English Community Care Plans 1995/6 (December 1995).

Inter-Organisational Relations: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Practice (January 1996).

Community Care Planning Sub-Study (June 1996).

Joint Commissioning Sub-Study (November 1996).

Hospital Discharge and Continuing Care Sub-Study (November 1996).

Analysis of a Sample of English Community Care Plans 1996/7-9 (April 1997).

Primary Health Care Sub-Study (June 1997).

Inter-Agency Collaboration. Final Report (December 1997).

Housing, Health and Community Care: the Inter-Agency Dimensions (with Herbert, G), Nuffield Institute for Health 1997.

Primary Health Care and Social Care: Working Across Organisational and Professional Boundaries, Nuffield Institute for Health, 1998.

Locality Partnerships: The Early Primary Care Group Experience. Final Report, June 1999. Nuffield Institute for Health [with Exworthy, M., Peckham, S. and Callaghan, G.]

Delivering on Partnership: Social Services and PCGs. ADSS/Nuffield Institute for Health 1999 [with Lewis, H].

National Evaluation of Notifications for Use of the Section 31 Partnership Flexibilities of the Health Act 1999 [2000] Nuffield Institute/National Primary Care Research & Development Centre [with, Hardy, B., Young, R. and Glendinning, C.]