Academic Publications

Bob has written many substantial academic articles with a focus upon joint working across the public sector. These are shown below in three categories – books/monographs’ chapters in books, and refereed journals.

(1) Books/Monographs

B. Hudson (1993) The Busy Person’s Guide to Care Management. Social Services Research Monographs. Community Care/University of Sheffield.

B, Hudson (1994), Making Sense of Markets in Health and Social Care. Business Education Publishers.

Hawley, K., Hudson, B. (1996) Community Care and the Prospects for Service Development. King’s Fund Monograph.

Hudson, B., (ed), The Changing Role of Social Care, Research Highlights in Social Work, Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2000).

2. Chapters in Books

Barton, L. (ed) (1989),‘Michael Lipsky and street-level bureaucracy: a neglected perspective’ in Disability and Dependency, London : Falmer Press pp:42-45. [reprinted in Hill, M. (ed) (1993) The Policy Process: A Reader Harvester Wheatsheaf pp:393-403.]

Harrison, A. (ed) (1991) ‘Inter-Agency Collaboration: can care management fix it?’, Health Care UK , 1991. London. King’s Fund Institute, pp:104-112..

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Conceptual Issues in Inter-Agency Collaboration [with Ranade, W] in Snape, S. and Taylor, P (2004), Partnerships between Health and Local Government, London: Frank Cass.

3. Refereed Journals.

‘In Pursuit of Coordination: Housing and the Personal Social Services’, Local Government Studies, Vol.12, No.2. 1986. pp:53-66.

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