About BHC

Bob Hudson Consulting [BHC] was established in 2003 and is run by Bob Hudson, currently also Honorary Professor of Partnership Studies at the Health Services Management Centre at the University of Birmingham. Prior to that, Bob was Principal Research Fellow at the Nuffield Institute for Health at the University of Leeds, Visiting Fellow in Health and Community Care at the Institute for Health Studies, University of Durham, and Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at New College, Durham. Although BHC is a new venture it builds upon over 30 years of teaching, research, consultancy and publishing. Bob is also currently a special adviser on integration issues to the House of Commons Education and Skills Select Committee, and an adviser to the national Integrated Care Network.

BHC also has wide access to a range of associates in consultancies and universities across the country. Joint projects are already underway with colleagues from the Nuffield Institute for Health and the University of Manchester. Where specialist dimensions of partnership activity are required, BHC is well able to find and work collaboratively with its own partners and associates.